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Alarm Clock Ultra 2.4.2

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock Ultra 2.4.2 by Appsdev Waking up on time in the morning should never be an issue again with the incredibly reliable, feature rich Alarm Clock Ultra, the very best Alarm Clock on Google Play. Alarm Clock Ultra is THE best looking Alarm Clock available, an absolute feast for the eyes... but don't be fooled by the candy coated exterior, this alarm clock has serious functionality under the hood, as the alarm clock itself is only the beginning of many alarm setting options that the user has. Wake up the way you want to with Alarm Clock Ultra's extensive alarm customization and all of our alarm clock settings. Accidentally disabling your alarm is a thing of the past thanks to Alarm Clock Ultra, with our unique 'Puzzle To Snooze/Dismiss' functionality, you'll be wide awake and raring to go every time you wake up to our...
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Clock Pro HD 2.5

ScreenShot of Clock Pro HD 2.5 by Alarm Clock Company Clock Pro HD combines all clock and timer functions you can imagine in one application. Now you have it all! By downloading Clock Pro HD you will get: ✔ ALARM CLOCK: The best digital alarm clock in 18 beautiful designs for as well landscape as portrait mode! The look and feel of the clock is fully adjustable. Choose your own foreground clock style and background. Adjust the brightness as you want it. Optionally display seconds or even fractional seconds! ✔ IPOD MUSIC ALARMS: Wake up with your favorite iPod Music or selected alarm. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade duration. The alarm will show a huge snooze button on screen. You can also adjust the snooze length. ✔ ANALOG CLOCK: Simple, clean and effective clock with optional sound effects and old-...
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Alarm Clock Xtreme 2.0.2

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock Xtreme 2.0.2 by Alarm Clock Xtreme Wake up gently and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm. Free ad supported version is also available. Alarm Clock Xtreme includes options to prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. The alarm clock can even automatically disable when it detects that you're traveling to work or school (uses GPS). Alarm clock features include: -unlimited alarms -repeating alarms -music alarm clock -random song alarm clock -gentle alarm volume ramp up -math to disable alarm -minimum speed to disable -nap alarm with countdown timer -large snooze button -snooze 1-60 min -decrease snooze duration after each snooze -shake to snooze alarm -increase shake duration after each snooze -max number snoozes -auto-snooze alarm clock -auto-dismiss alarm clock -analog alarm clock widget and much more! Alarm Clock...
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3D Cyber Clock for iPad 1.2

ScreenShot of 3D Cyber Clock for iPad 1.2 by cyb 3D Cyber Clock combines all the following features in one application: ✓ 3D Clock with all mechanisms to work in perfect sync ✓ Digital Clock (24h/12h format supported) ✓ iPod Music Alarms (Using predefined sounds or pick your favorite music from your iPod Library) ✓ Facebook ✓ Twitter ✓ Internal mini Web Browser ✓ Both orientations (portait/landscape) support ✓ Customization 3D Cyber Clock Features Analysis Ever wondered how a clock works? Watch it now... in 3 Dimensions... ✓ 3D Clock All 3D Cyber Clock mechanisms(gears, clock pointers) work in perfect sync. Additional 3D Clock features: + Watch 3D Clock using one of the 6 cameras + Free rotation of the cameras + Zoom In/Out + "Cameras Auto-Play" or manual selection + Camera auto rotation mode + Lights auto rotation...
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The Clock App for iPad 2.0

ScreenShot of The Clock App for iPad 2.0 by Tim Mecking This Clock is much like the well known and loved clock from the iPhone/iPad. It's features are: ● Worldclock: It shows the time in different chosen cities as digital and analog clock. In contrast to the iPhone clock the timezone and sunrise/sunset times are displayed, too. ● Alarm clock: Multiple alarm times can be set and activated or deactivated individually. Of course repetitions on selected weekdays are possible and there is a snooze function. The alarms get fired even if the clock app is not running. ● Timer: An alarm gets fired when a chosen countdown timer expires. If the timer is used as a sleep timer it will stop media playback in the iPod app. In contrast to the iPhone clock multiple timers are possible, each of them can be started individually. (Sleep Timers require the app...
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The World Clock 5.1.2

ScreenShot of The World Clock 5.1.2 by Andrei Kolev ★★★ Best World Clock app - Featured By Apple in staff favorites in US and 92 countries ★ Optimized for iPad Retina Display! iPhone 5 support coming soon! ★★★ Why we are better than the others? Read below! ★★ The World Clock provides the best and most accurate time conversion options There are two (iPhone) or three (iPad) ways to convert and compare times: • scroll the map to convert the time within past or future 24 hours • tap the date button in the toolbar to select specific date, time or timezone (iPad only) • open the time Converter/Meeting Planner window by selecting the Convert tab (iPhone) or Convert button in the toolbar (iPad). This option allows to select date, time, timezone, working hours, tome zone sorting and more. Unlike other apps on the app...
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Alarm Clock Classic HD 2.1

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock Classic HD 2.1 by SixAxis LLC ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ This app is FREE for 2 days ONLY GET IT NOW!!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ If you like this app then you are going to LOVE these clock apps. Just search for SixAxis LLC in app store - iDigital Big2 Alarm Clock HD - iNightstand Plus HD - iDigital Alarm Clock HD If you ever wanted to look at old fashioned box alarm clock then this is the app for you. See what some of the world wide users are saying about this app. Old School ★★★★ (USA) by Ladylonghorn444 - Version 1.2 - Feb 4, 2012 ... Love this app and quick response on the bug fix. Thank! Amazing ★★★★★ (USA) by beanbob1 - Version 1.1 - Feb 18, 2012 Absolutely amazing! I love it, especially...
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World Clock Pro 2.4

ScreenShot of World Clock Pro 2.4 by Alarm Clock Company World Clock Pro means Business. It allows you to plan your Global Activities with ease, both professional and personal! Featured by Apple: iPad app of the week. *** The Best World Clock! *** ESSENTIAL, EASY TO USE, FULLY FUNCTIONAL World Clock Pro allows you to select an unlimited number of world cities to be displayed. For the selected time zones you can set multiple alarms. You are able to view a wide selection of world cities and plan your business or personal relations worldwide without problems. • Comparison View This view makes it really easy to compare and plan activities. Any time, any place, worldwide! • World Map View Scrollable world map with your cities, clocks and time zones displayed. A real-time daylight shadow as layer over the map will show the seasonal changes...
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Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 1.4

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 1.4 by MYW Productions Time must be exact. A clock must be stylish. Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is the best proof of it. Every clock in the app is a little piece of art created exclusively for this application! Whatever your passion is, find the one and only clock that fits YOUR taste and personality! Futuristic or retro, modern or classic, analogue or digital, there is a special CLOCK made just for you. Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad provides the functionality of 5 indispensable apps in 1! Enjoy exclusive designer themes, wake up and go to sleep to your favorite iPod music, know local weather conditions, and discover multiple other options! ★ Alarm ★ Sleep Timer ★ Clock ★ Weather ★ Flashlight Features: ➠ Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock: Futuristic, Retro...
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Alarm Clock 4.0 Push 1.0

ScreenShot of Alarm Clock 4.0 Push 1.0 by Alarm Clock Company This is the original and most featured Alarm Clock. ✔ UNLIMITED ALARMS: Set unlimited number of one time alarms, daily alarms, weekly alarms, etc. ✔ IPOD MUSIC: Wake up with your favourite iPod Music. Add one song, two songs or whole playlists to alarms. ✔ PUSH NOTIFICATION: Receive alarms even when application is closed using push notifications. ✔ BEAUTIFUL THEMES: This is the best designed alarm clock in the App Store. Choose from twelve (!) themes and design the digital clock like you prefer! ✔ SLEEP TIMER: Play your iPod music for a given time period and let the music stop playing when you fall asleep. ✔ SNOOZE FUNCTION: Fully adjust the snooze function and length. ✔ FLASHLIGHT: Easy turn your iPhone into a flashlight by shaking it. ✔ AUTOMATIC INTEGRATION: Automatic integration...
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